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Cybersecurity Solutions 

Design solutions that integrate with the RiskXchange cybersecurity platform and we will work with you to promote our combined offerings.

Why Partner with RiskXchange?

Smooth, productive work processes established through systematised collaboration.

We will work with you at every stage of the process from planning to implementation.

Exchange technical knowledge with experienced cybersecurity veterans.

Transparency at all times – Partnerships work best when there is full transparency between two partners. 

Our technology partner models


Expand your reach with our markeing program! Through this partnership, we will engage in co-marketing efforts where you will be part of the RiskXchange marketplace, whilst promoting the RiskXchange brand to your clients.

Lead generation

Our teams will work together to grow your business as well as our users through targeted, lead generation campaigns.

Sales training

Under this partnership, we will combine resources to train both our sales teams on our respective offerings to maximise lead outreach.

Sponsorship opportunities

You’ll be the first to know when sponsorship opportunities are available to promote your business at our events.

Application certification

Get RiskXchange certification for all your applications free, at no additional costs.

Sales ecosystem

Maximise lead outreach through a combined sales effort! Merge our resources to train both our sales teams on our respective offerings to expand sales efforts.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to all our clients to ensure they get hassle-free, pain-free service.


As our technological partners, you can offer your clients an integrated security offering that merges the benefits of our technology with your own solution to boost the cybersecurity offerings to your clientele.


Work with us to provide your clients with a complete cybersecurity solution by integrating your tech capabilities with our RiskXchange platform!

We offer different partnership models for every business. Scroll down to learn about them or contact us to learn more. 


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