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Connect with thousands of companies, and help them solve their cyber security management challenges as an official RiskXchange Partner.

Partner Programs

Did you know that partnership programs increase sales, raise your competitive advantage and expand your clientele? RiskXchange is offering two cyber security management partner programs, where you will gain access to our technology and knowledge, along with the opportunity to connect with thousands of companies across different industries. 

As cyber security consultants, we are constantly looking for ways to provide more value to our clients and partners! Be it technology or in business, we offer a range of business models that suit your strengths and preferences.
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Learn about our Partner Programs

Give your clients what they need to strengthen their cybersecurity management by leveraging our service offering.


From third-party risk assessment to identifying gaps in security, provide your clients with the tools to manage their cybersecurity infrastructure.


Your users can strengthen their cybersecurity with data-driven insights to create a more effective system against cyberattacks with our solution.

Consult. Resell. Refer.

Business Partners

Technology Partners

Build. Integrate. Implement.

Transform the way your clients assess their cybersecurity posture using our products and services.


The RiskXchange solution integrates seamlessly with your client’s existing cybersecurity infrastructure and provides a single complete view of thier security and compliance posture 24 hours a day.


Our solutions have a data-driven edge to help users automate cybersecurity management. Discover anomalies in real-time, fortify your security network, resolve compliance problems and standardise reporting with our easy-to-understand framework. Help your clients resolve their security issues and strengthen their cybersecurity posture with the right partners.

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