Protect your data with a FREE, third-party cybersecurity risk assessment and security rating system

Not confident about your company’s cybersecurity processes?

It takes just one, comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment to gain actionable insights into risks associated with your IT infrastructure and your third-party ecosystem.


The RiskXchange Security rating platform can help you gather these insights, along with any associated risks, and help you reduce cyber risk fast.

What are security ratings?

Just as credit ratings provide insights into the financial stability of an entity, security ratings provide insights into organisational cybersecurity health and practices via detailed cybersecurity reports.


In today’s digital age, protecting your data to prevent security breaches is critical to your organisation’s finances and reputation.   


With a risk rating system, you can carry out information security risk assessments and examine how well information is protected within your network

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Here’s why you should sign up for a FREE account with RiskXchange

Here’s why you should sign up for a FREE account with RiskXchange

Discover security vulnerabilities in real-time to control the impact and likelihood of data breaches with our third-party cybersecurity risk assessments


Access cutting-edge vendor security assessments and cybersecurity reports that highlight areas of risk


Minimise your cyber risk by staying up to date with your security ratings and supplier ecosystem 


Assess your compliance against well-known security standards like NIST, ISO 27001 or even GDPR’s technical controls


Gain data-driven risk insights with a free RiskXchange account today