Executive-level reporting

Accurately report on cybersecurity risk 

Creating a common easy-to-understand language and reporting framework is key to ensuring everyone is on the same page within your organisation.

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RiskXchange Security ratings help your executives identify and manage cybersecurity risks

A cyberattack has the potential for wide-reaching financial and reputational damage. The rate at which hackers can attack and damage a network is increasing at a rapid rate. An organisation’s executives and board members play a key role in ensuring adequate policies and protections are in place. Cybersecurity is an important part of their fiduciary duty to their customers, employees, shareholders and investors.

Ensure your board is equipped to take the appropriate action


In today’s ever evolving technological landscape, organisations make informed cybersecurity decisions and stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations. Executives often lack a complete oversight of the situation which means they’re unable to act at the right time. By informing decision-making with objective measurements around cyber risk, RiskXchange helps mitigate risk across the enterprise, resulting in better decisions that protect your company’s ability to operate.

Get everyone on board

Present information in an easy-to-understand language that leaders without security expertise can understand with RiskXchange’s rating system. Reduce time spent manually gathering metrics and data to satisfy requests for information, providing transparency in real-time. Automatically pull high-level summary reports or offer more detail around risk factors and use the data to influence critical business decisions.

Stay business-aligned

Demonstrate to key executives how security program initiatives align with business needs — such as financial and operational priorities — with RiskXchange’s out-of-the-box reports. Help decision makers focus their investments for the most impact and gain support for additional IT Security and Risk funding.

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Drive engagement

Your Board and C-Suite need to know how your firm’s cybersecurity strategy stacks up. Drive engagement by showing how your security framework benchmarks against industry peers and competitors.

Comply with the latest regulations

Provide a clear picture of threats and empower your board to implement an appropriate framework that meets business needs while remaining compliant with evolving regulation. With regulations like GDPR, New York SHIELD act, and the California Consumer Privacy Act, the cost of non-compliance is higher than ever.

Understand risks in your IT infrastructure

Discover security vulnerabilities in your data centers and systems. Easily report on your security posture to management and the board of directors.

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