Vendor Risk Management

Protect yourself against third-party risk

Installing the capabilities needed to fight cybercrime will help build a more secure network.

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RiskXchange enables organisations of any size, in any industry, to identify and solve sophisticated cybersecurity, compliance and risk management challenges. 


RiskXchange provides a powerful AI-assisted, yet simple automated and centralised unique 360-degree security risk rating management approach. We generate objective, quantitative reporting on a company's security risk and performance, that enables organisations with evolving business requirements, to conduct business securely in today's open, collaborative, digital world. 


Our data-driven insights help our customers stay ahead of emerging threats, whether workers are positioned at home, in the office or operating entirely in the cloud. We help organisations of all sizes manage their enterprise and supply chain security risk exposure, by providing a next-generation real-time security risk rating platform, capable of presenting easy to understand security risk and performance ratings.

Improve the cyberhealth of your organisation’s ecosystem

Continuously monitor, identify and manage risk


Domains were once impenetrable, safely kept in a data centre that you controlled. However, times have changed. Your critical assets now exist in a hyper-connected cloud environment filled with digital devices, web applications and savvy cybercriminals looking to take advantage of poorly protected attack surfaces. Your entire cybersecurity ecosystem is only as strong as the weakest link. A vulnerability anywhere in the supply chain amplifies risk and jeopardizes profitability, productivity and reputation.

Get much more than just a risk rating with RiskXchange

RiskXchange’s value is in being able to put everything into perspective and to conceptualise the length and breadth of any network or system. Not only being able to identify and continuously monitor threats, but also present them to the client in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand format. Our algorithms generate a security risk rating based on an organisation’s digital footprint so that companies can understand their security posture. 

Increase visibility across your entire ecosystem

Our unique platform displays everything an organisation needs to increase, develop and improve their ecosystem. We identify security issues across a multitude of risk factors and provide instant and continuous visibility into the cyberhealth of third and fourth-party vendors, as well as your own IT infrastructure. 

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Actionable security intelligence will protect your business

In order to make better risk management decisions, every organisation needs the right tools and intelligence. Companies all around the world use our services daily to improve their cyberhealth and increase security. 


Every organisation we work with receives an objective and data-driven rating making it much easier to monitor and evaluate performance of both short and longer terms. Companies with a security rating not only receive prompt alerts in the event of a change to their security performance but can also identify the issue that caused the shift in their rating.

Granular intelligence gets results

RiskXchange provides in-depth information on specific risk findings. Our security ratings aid the ongoing management of an organisation’s internal cyber activity including risk and compliance. Assessments of internal security activity are carried out on a rolling basis, helping to provide clarity to a range of stakeholders. The data collected enables your internal security teams and vendors to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Make smarter VRM decisions

By making smarter vendor risk management (VRM) decisions, the need for time-consuming point-in-time vendor assessments is drastically reduced. By relying on RiskXchange’s unrivalled platform, data collection and analytics methods, allows you to continuously monitor the cyberhealth of all your vendors. 

Engage with vendors and reduce risk

The RiskXchange platform connects enterprises with vendors and provides a forum to resolve security and compliance issues. 


We include industry-wide benchmarking, including peer to peer and competitor. Also, greater customer confidence in the organisation’s digital presence and activities. This higher level of confidence touches others with vested interest including third parties, stakeholders and industry regulators.

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